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OBS !!  Det er ikke muligt at bestille noder, udskrift eller lign af tekster fundet her på siden. Det er et online arkiv, som du er velkommen til at kigge igennem og få inspiration ved.

All that I’m missing is you

Got lost in my own busy world
Been singing my own litte song
Caught up in my thoughts,
consumed by them all
It feels like I´m here all alone

The longings deep within my heart
To see your face, to know your soul
I realise
All that I´m missing is you

It seems like so long since we talked
Feels like an age since we touched
Spending some time just fooling around
Enjoying sweet feelings so much

Don't want to see our love fly away
Like birds on the wing
Can't still the voices inside my head 
They sing…
All that ´I'm missing is you